'97 Slow Pitch Softball

Pictured left to right, bottom row first are Karl Stellfplugh, Willie Rocha, Eddie Kerr, Todd Post; 2nd row: Jay Cooper w/crutches, Russell Lawson, Glenn, Terry Burkett, Brian Nelson, Brian Lawson, Scott Morton, Tommy Rome, Chris Horton, and Mike Walker

The SRI team from Houston, Texas.


This team took 5th place in State Class D playoffs in July. Cruised through the winners bracket with four good wins until meeting the Streak('96 & '97 state champs) in the semifinals. Ended up 5th out of 100 teams.

In this picture, from left to right front row: Russell Lawson, Eddie Kerr (Coach), Terry Burkett, Tommy Rome, Willie Rocha, 2nd Row: Karl Stellfplugh, Mike Walker, Todd Post, Jay Cooper, Scott Morton, Brian Nelson, Chris Horton, Brian Lawson.

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